take this eventide gelert away from me i don’t want it literally i will give it to you for free please just take it


can i buy self-esteem with neopoints

YO!!! since i’m having 0 luck on the neoboards i guess i’ll advertise here

Afficher davantage


well Fey told me we should meet up and have coffee when it’s nice out like us Seattleites do so TAKE THAT

i forgot about this omg?? we need to do this before i start up school again

btw if you guys like animes such as SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN and FREE! and possibly NEON GENESIS EVANGELION you should probably follow my main blog because i’m way more active on there anyway lmao

here it is


help me i’m dying of laughter


help me i’m dying of laughter


Oh bby I hate to see you like this.

That’s better.

spending days trying to find a name for your neopet: an unfortunate autobiography